Thursday, December 03, 2009

"Top 10 key things that happened these past 2 weeks"

in no particular order:

1) Watched "Legend of the Seeker"(Highly Recommend)

2) Listened to my IPod

3) Practiced with the students for their Cheerdance routine -- fun!fun!fun!

4) Went to Mass - 'twas the first sunday of advent

5) Made my E-COMMERCE assignment

6) Bought my favorite Chicken Bar-B-Que for dinner . hmmmm Yummy

7) E-mailed my sister for a potential business proposal abroad. Phew!!! In vain! ouch!

8) Coaching dances for Intramurals contests

9) Getting my hair painted with Tulco - Looked Ridiculous for a moment

10) And finally, caught a "Toe-eating-baby" in action!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My new tweeter account is up =)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Asian Look

James, A friend of mine had his hair done by Korean Stylist at Tony & Jackey in Cebu and the results were good. My friend said I too should ought to have a good haircut do I tried it. He also added that you will get pampered in the studio and a Korean hairstylist will come up to check your hair and decide what treatment is needed.

Rebonding Prices

  • Short Hair – Php 1,000
  • Medium Hair – Php 1,200
  • Long Hair – Php 1,400
Although I was quite reluctant myself with the thought of spending P 300.00 for a haircut when I can have it done by a local barber shop for P 25.00. But what the heck, I thought of it as a reward to myself and besides, I've always wanted to have that korean look.

The place was very nice. They serve us complementary drinks. The Korean guy on the reception was nice. He spoke good english and was very warm. They had Korean hairdressers and some Flipino staffs to do the shampoo, blow dry and finishing touches (hair wax and styling). They had this book of Korean hair styles that one can choose from. I choose the one who had bangs . The Korean guy came up to me and asked me what look I want. Sexy or cute. I chose the latter since I dont really have that seductive face at all. Then he started cutting and kept singing along with the Korean music on the background. I kept smiling as he was cutting my hair because I was slowly seeing what the outcome will be. So what happened was the shampoo treatment, then the korean cut, then they had to shampoo me again, blow dried my hair, ironed it out with a P10,000.00 hair straightener from Korea, and lastly styled my hair with hair wax. Verdict?? Absolutely Satisfied!

My colleagues were shocked (in a good way) with the outcome. All of them said I looked good with my new hair. I was always a laughing stock (they make fun of me I make fun of the kinda thing) but at that moment they were just shocked. Originally I grew my hair to shoulder length before I had it cut. They said it looked like a wig ^^. But now I look good and feel good with my new korean hair. Here is a picture of me with that Hair =)

Tony and Jackey
Tel # +63.32.412-1702
G.P. SY Bldg. 57 Gorordo Ave. Cebu City Cebu

dhe-bhe =)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Adopt a child dream

Ever since February 2008. Something happened to me which made me realize i wanted to adopt a Korean child. I don't know how this happened, but I hope God will give me one.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A brief candle; both ends burning
An endless mile; a bus wheel turning
A friend to share the lonesome times
A handshake and a sip of wine
So say it loud and let it ring
We are all a part of everything
The future, present and the past
Fly on proud bird You're free at last.

charlie daniels

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random thoughts while I was proctoring an exam

You deluged my heart with very special things But now i slowly feel our relationship is hitting an undeviating end….
It’s amazing how a certain person; someone close to your heart, can bring an immense transformation to your life…..
Now the question for me is… Am I ready to step out of my comfort zone and bring my life to it’s optimum level???

Friday, February 27, 2009

TURN AWAY FROM SIN and believe in the GOSPEL

Hey brothers and sisters,
Lent na. Time to re evaluate ourselves and prepare ourselves for the Salvation of our lives.

This season for me requires a lot of spiritual training. I have struggle finding an Easter Retreat here in Davao. (sigh). Right now I'm asking bro to help me find a good retreat but as for the moment im up to what the Liturgy sets before us during this season; the three penitential practices that are very dear to the biblical and Christian tradition – prayer, almsgiving, fasting – to prepare myself to better celebrate Easter and thus experience God’s power that, as we shall hear in the Paschal Vigil, “dispels all evil, washes guilt away, restores lost innocence, brings mourners joy, casts out hatred, brings us peace and humbles earthly pride” (Paschal Præconium)....

You, what are your preparations?

dhe-bhe =)